Media Street – May 8, 2018

The Saints disappointing start to the season has prompted a feeding frenzy amongst the media. Lets take a walk down Media Street and hear what is being said about the club.

Unsurprisingly, goal-kicking has been high on the agenda. Former Saint Sam Fisher, speaking with The Age, urged his old club to risk injuries if required to improve their conversion in front of goal.

Media Street

Saints great says risk injuries to improve kicking

“I was thinking about it the other day. I was thinking maybe the fitness staff don’t like the boys to kick too much,” Fisher told The Age.
“They’re probably at the stage that at the risk of potentially getting an injury, for over-kicking, we’re probably better off losing a player for over-kicking it at the moment than not doing enough.

Sam Fisher – The Age 07.05.18

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With high hopes for a return to the finals in 2018, the Saints start to the season has been as startling as it has been disappointing. Andrew Young of The Roar has taken a look at the effect on fans and what the future holds.

Media Street

A sorry state of affairs at St Kilda

Alan Richardson describes his side as “being in a hole” at the moment. Maybe they were in a hole four years ago, one which has seemingly turned into a bottomless pit, that is both seemingly impossible to get out of, and insufferably difficult to watch them try.

Andrew Young – The Roar 08.05.18

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We’ve questioned Sam Edmund’s propensity for the sensational in an article last year, (you can read it here) and he was at it again this week. On SEN on Monday, Edmund was back to his old tricks singling out one Saint for negative attention after the loss against Melbourne.

Media Street

That could be the stat of the year

“Would it surprise you to hear that a player who plays back in Jack Newnes has had four tackles for the season?”

Sam Edmund – SEN Breakfast 07.05.18

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Not one to be left on the sidelines when there is an opportunity to slip the boot in, Mark Robinson had his say on twitter.

Newnes responded to the criticism on Macquarie Sports Radio on Tuesday. “You probably shouldn’t go a game through your career where you have zero tackles,” he said. (You can listen to the full interview here.) While the criticism warranted a response from Newnes, was the criticism warranted in the first place? Not for a minute are we suggesting that Alan Richardson would be happy with his backman’s struggles in laying tackles, but we were interested to read Sporting News when they suggested that Robinson and Edmund might have been a little unfair in singling out Newnes.

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Media Street

AFL players that tackle the least it’s not just Jack Newnes

Newnes is far from alone in the list of AFL defenders failing to rack up big tackling numbers, and plenty of those keeping him company on the stats charts are getting plaudits, including at least four that could lay claims to early All Australian hopes.

Mick Stirling – Sporting News 07.05.18

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The Saints woes have ensured that a number of old foes have lined up to sink the boots in. Former Cat, Cameron Ling decided that the current situation warranted an unsolicited message.

Media Street

Cameron Ling’s message for any St Kilda player who thinks they’re ‘going OK’

I wonder how many of those Saints players walk off disappointed they lost but think they did OK because they had 25 possessions, 24 possessions or whatever it might be and get caught up in the fact – I’m getting my hands on the footy so therefore I’m going OK – when in reality, their possessions are having no impact on the game whatsoever.

Cameron Ling – 3AW 07.05.18

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David King, never one to miss an opportunity, took to SEN on Monday to dance on the Saints grave. The same man who declared that St Kilda would not win a game in the 2015 season, seemed to take delight in listing the series of mistakes that led the team to their current position.

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Media Street

“It’s not an industry where you can hang onto your mistakes”

Those are the sort of decisions when you look back now you think, you have a team willing to give up picks four and seven to get Petracca – why aren’t we taking Petracca? We’ve got this pick. Those are the sort of decisions that you really are going to struggle as a Saints fan to come to grips with. It’s not an industry where you can hang onto your mistakes.

David King – SEN 07.05.18

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