AFLW 2020: Magic Moments Round Two

It might have ended in heartbreak but the Saints performance against Adelaide was full of endeavour, spirit and effort. The 13-point loss was a tough pill to swallow but there were a number of exciting moments worth celebrating. Here are the Top Five.

5. Georgia Patrikios

The 18-year-old from the Calder Cannons has wowed Saints fans and the entire AFLW competition with her performances in the first two rounds in 2020. Her ability to create space and make the right decision was on display again against the Crows. No greater example of this was her work in traffic during the second quarter. Receiving a handball from Alison Brown she broke the tackle of one Crow before baulking another. With the space this afforded her she delivered a pass to half forward. It was a silky piece of play from a player who has fast become one of the Saints best.

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4. Alison Brown

Having surrendered the lead late in the last quarter, the Saints goal was under siege. Their desperate attempts to remain in the contest were perfectly illustrated by Alison Brown. With Eloise Jones charging towards goal, Brown left her opponent and executed a perfect smother. Her efforts did not end there though. Smother executed she made position to be an option for Molly McDonald who ended with the ball from the resultant spillage.

3. Kate McCarthy

Like a thief in the night, Kate McCarthy pounced on a loose Crow kick inside the Saints forward fifty to kick the first goal of the match. With a reputation as one of the competitions premier goal sneaks, the former Lion was able manufacture a chance out of nothing. Popping up among a murder of five Crows, she intercepted the loose pass and left them in her wake on her way to goal.

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2. Clara Fitzpatrick

Clara Fitzpatrick is no stranger to making sacrifices for the St Kilda cause. As part of her Visa conditions the 29-year-old Irish woman cannot work two jobs. This means she’s taken a leave of absence from her day job as a physiotherapist to line up for the Saints. It was no surprise then that she would put her body on the line in the defence of St Kilda’s goal when required. Running with the flight of the ball she completed a strong mark, only to be left on the ground after heavy contact. Adding insult to injury, the umpire was unable to see the forrest for the trees and failed to award Fitzpatrick the mark or free kick she was entitled to.

1. Caitlin Greisler

Greisler’s second goal of the match is our Number One Magic Moment for Round Two. It came at an important time too as the Saints clung to their lead in the third quarter. A questionable 50 metre penalty was awarded to Adelaide and despite the young Crow failing in her attempts to have the penalty doubled it resulted instead in the best piece of Saints team play for the day.

From the exertions in trying to be ‘infringed’ on the way to the new mark Anne Hatchard sprayed her kick forward. Chiming in at pace, to cut off misplaced kick was Tarni White. The Saints defender then turned on the afterburners through the corridor. Her kick to Kate Shierlaw was roved by Kate McCarthy who found Rosie Dillon inside 50 with a smart kick. Dillon then released Greiser with quick hands for the goal.

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