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Much like the old days at Moorabbin, The Animal Enclosure is intended to be a place where fanatical St Kilda supporters can rant and rave, scream and cheer, celebrate and commiserate. As Saints we have needed to be a hardy bunch, just one premiership and 27 wooden spoons to show for nearly 150 years of effort means there has been a lot more heartache than exhilaration.

Apart from being a paid up member and a passionate supporter, I have no affiliation with the Football Club. As such all the opinions shared on this site are those of a sometimes grumpy, often happy, fan and in no way officially recognised or condoned by the club we all love.

Would love to hear your thoughts on anything posted on the site so please take the opportunity to comment on any of the posts and feel free to contact me directly via email at animalenclosure@gmail.com, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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