The 2018 Leaders Unveiled

By Bozza

St Kilda has taken the annual ‘Leadership Group’ reveal to new heights this week by commandeering a helicopter to make their 2018 announcement. While the vehicle utilised may have been surprising the leadership group unveiled was anything but.

After an impressive first year as captain, Jarryn Geary was again tasked with leading the Saints into battle in 2018. The 29-year-old joined by Dylan Roberton and Seb Ross in a five-man leadership group fittingly rounded out by a pair of Jack’s – Steven and Newnes.

Holy Quintet

With the extravagant announcement out of the way, it is now down to the business of leading the Saints back to the finals in 2018. Let’s hope they can be equally spectacular on the field because at the end of the day their success or otherwise in these efforts will be remembered long after the leadership groups afternoon in a helicopter.

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