AFL 2020: Tim Membrey’s Goal of the Week v Port Adelaide

Clinging to a 17-point advantage against Port Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval, and with time running down in the final quarter, St Kilda looked for one more goal to seal a famous victory in the city of churches. That Tim Membrey would be the man to kick this sought after major would have surprised very few people, how he did so surprised everybody.

Despite the best efforts from Membrey, Tom Jonas looked to have diffused the danger from a centring kick from best on ground Jack Steele. For all intents and purposes, it had seemed that the Port defender had punched the ball through for a minor score despite a desperate flying boot from the St Kilda forward. Yet as players from both teams prepared for a kick in by the home team, the video reviewer intervened and requested the field umpire hold up play as he reviewed the play.

As the Score Reviewer watched replays of the play, it became apparent that something remarkable had happened. While Jonas had indeed gotten his fist to the ball ahead of Membrey’s desperate boot, yet he was not the last player to touch the ball. Astonishingly, the ball had in fact gone from the Port defender’s fist onto the Saint forward’s boot meaning it was a goal rather than a rushed behind.

The miraculous moment would be recognised by the AFL one of the three goals of the week. Put to a public vote alongside a running effort from Sydney’s Tom Papley, and a classy finish from Hawthorn’s Liam Shields, it would ultimately be declared Goal of the Week for Round Eight 2020.

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