AFL 2020: Chris Scott Not Convinced by Saints

Chris Scott left St Kilda and Port Adelaide in no doubt about what he thought about their holding down of first and second positions on the AFL ladder. With games against each team in their next two matches, he was asked whether he was excited about finding out where his team sat against the good teams. Let’s just say he made it clear he remained unconvinced about either team.

“They’re top four on the ladder but I can’t work out who the best teams are at the moment,” he said. “I’m not going to say teams are inconsistent, I think everyone’s pretty good on their day and if you have a bad day, you can get really exposed.”

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“There’s no doubt those two teams have good exposed form but no, I don’t want to say it’s a referendum on where we sit in the competition. It’s certainly going to help but in a season when everyone plays each other once, the ladder can be a little misleading. Until you work out who’s played who and who you think the good teams are, it’s hard to get a read on it.”

While winning games wasn’t enough to consider them measuring sticks, he did admit they were playing well. “Certainly, they’re towards the top for a reason because they’re playing really good footy, he said. “They’re going to test us no doubt (but) I don’t think we should jump at shadows until we come past those tests.”

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